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Frequently Asked
Spray Tan Questions

Will a spray tan make me orange?

NO! This is one of the most common misconceptions about spray tanning. Our high-end solutions contain a naturally derived DHA, (the active ingredient in spray tan solutions that reacts with your amino acids makes your skin tan), which when acting with your undertone, it helps to create a sun-kissed, natural glow.

How do mobile tans work? Will the tan get anywhere?

We can set up anywhere with at least a 5 x 5 space inside or outside of your home, hotel, or apartment. We only require an accessible outlet. Our spray tans will not get anywhere in your home - our set-up is very quick, clean & efficient, leaving you the only thing tan! We place a mat down first, with our tent on top & another mat inside the tent to ensure each session is clean & comfortable for you. Each spray tan session is about 30 minutes (for one person). Groups of 2 take about 45-60 minutes. We are also able to accommodate large groups for bridal parties, a girl's weekend, or private spray tan parties.

How should I exfoliate properly? Can I get a spray tan over my current spray tan?

The best way to exfoliate is to use a Dry Brush or our Exfoliator Mitt we sell over on our website! Exfoliating is crucial to preparing your skin for a spray tan - it promotes an even & long lasting tan. Proper exfoliating removes dead skin, which then reveals the fresh new skin underneath. Please shave & exfoliate 24 hours before your spray tan appointment. This ensures that your skin has had time to recover, avoid potential irritation & balances your pH Levels (showering changes our pH levels & when done too close to your appointment, can cause your spray tan development or color to alter). Please exfoliate off ALL old spray tan / self-tanner at least 24 hours before your appointment (your new spray tan will become blotchy, uneven & not development correctly when sprayed over old spray tan). Remove ALL makeup & avoid chemical exfoliants & retinals at least 24 hours before your apptointment.

What if I'm looking for an appointment on a day you're not open?

We do have an "after hours" option by request for appointments needed on days we are closed, or hours we're not open for an additional $30 fee. Please email to inquire. This option is available ONLY for Nantucket & Palm Beach locations.

Will a spray tan cover my tan lines?

Uneven skin tones & light strap lines may be able to fade away with a spray tan. Very distinct & hard lines with a distinct strap line like a halter top, sports bra, or watch tan line can be harder to make 'disappear.' If we are able to cover the concerned area, please know it is only temporarily. However, we cannot promise we will be able to cover any tan lines. Keep this & tan lines in mind before your big event/wedding - opt. for wearing a bandeau, not wearing a watch when outside for extended periods of times, wear sunscreen & stay OUT of the sun.

Can I get a spray tan over a sunburn?

We do NOT recommend getting a spray tan if you have a sunburn, or are peeling from the sun. A spray tan on top of your sunburn will cause your spray tan to come off very quickly, resulting in an uneven, blotchy tan.

Why can't I use deodorant before or right after my appointment?

Some antiperspirant & deodorants contain aluminum that when reacts with DHA, it may cause the skin where the product or residue is to turn GREEN. Residue from products can also make your skin become blotchy, uneven, or to not develop properly. To prevent this from happening, we recommend to not use deodorant 12 hours before your appointment, rinse & exfoliate your underarms well in the shower, & wait to use deodorant 24 hours after your appointment (it can take up to 24 hours for your tan to fully develop).

How long does a spray tan last?

Our spray tans last 7 - 10 days with good prep. & aftercare. Moisturizing daily, using spray tan safe products, our Tan Extend Lotion & avoiding exfoliating can make your tan last up to 14 days. Following these steps will also help to make your tan fade evenly.

Will my sheets get tanner on it if I choose to sleep in it before rinsing? Will sleeping in my tan ruin it?

We recommend wearing a dark colored long sleeve top & dark colored long/loose pants to bed if you are going to sleep in your spray tan post appointment & before rinsing. This helps to protect your tan AND your sheets from transfer and helps to prevent imperfections. NOTE: Small imperfections may rinse away during your first rinse, based on the circumstance. Tanning solution washes out of most of materials, but may leave marks on clothing that contains natural fiber materials & light fabrics like wool, silk & chiffon.

Will my nails/toenails be ruined? Will the bottoms of my feet get tanner on them?

We apply barrier cream on your hands, nails & toenails to prevent color from getting on them. We also provide feet stickies to prevent color from getting on the bottoms of your feet.

Can I get a spray tan while pregnant?

While it is safe for people who are pregnant or breast feeding to get a spray tan, we always recommend consulting with your doctor before doing so. We also supply extra masks for those who need one during the session.

If you have any other questions that are not listed here, feel free to reach out to us!

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