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Preparation & Aftercare

Steps for preparing your skin & caring for your tan


24 Hours Before:

  • Shower, wash your hair, exfoliate & shave your legs and underarms

    • Hot water can irritate your skin & can cause your tan to develop unevenly - please use warm water.​

  • Shower, shave & exfoliate at least 24 hours before your appointment*

  • Exfoliate off any prior self-tan/spray tan & dry skin from sunburns.

    • The best way to exfoliate us using a dry brush or exfoliator glove. Exfoliate on dry skin before showering, then again in the shower to remove old self/spray tan.

    • Residue from self tan/spray tan on your skin at your appt. causes your new spray tan to become blotchy, uneven, fade fast & to not develop properly. Please exfoliate off ALL prior self-tan/spray tan

  • Do not apply lotion, body oil, serums, chemical exfoliants, retinols, deodorant or perfume starting 24 hours before appointment

  • Avoid using bar soap/oil soap like Dove**

* Please do not shower and/or shave right before your appointment - the residue from the water, soap & shaving can result in a blotchy tan. Because your pH level changes after you shower & a balanced pH is important for a spray tan to develop properly, you skin needs time to process post shower. Your pH levels need to go back to normal after your shower & before your tan - this takes approx. 4 hours. 

**Tip: Do not use Dove products - it leaves a film on your skin which will lead to a blotchy spray tan

Great prep. & aftercare is key to a long lasting& even spray tan!

& Remove all old Spray Tan & Self-Tanner!

The Day Of:

  • Do not have moisturizer, makeup, oils, lotion, perfume or deodorant on

  • Remove all jewelry

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes & flip-flops/sandals to change into after

    • Long sleeve short, sweatpants, sandals​

    • Do NOT wear/change into white clothing, leggings, jeans, biker shorts, bras or socks after your spray tan.

  • You may choose to wear as much or as little clothing as you would like - ex. topless, nude, wearing a bathing suit, tank top, underwear, etc

  • We provide hair nets, disposable underwear & bras, disposable feet protectors for the soles of your feet & barrier cream for your hands & nails

Change into Loose & Dark Clothes!

No Bra - No Leggings - No Socks!


  • If you received our REGULAR solution, please wait anywhere from 8 to 12 hours after your spray tan before rinsing - 

    • the longer you wait to rinse, the more the color will develop - however, please​ do not wait more than 20 hours to rinse for our Regular Solution

  • If you received our RAPID solution, please wait 1 to 5 hours after your spray tan before rinsing*

  • Rapid's Color Depth Based on Time left on Prior to Showering:

    • 1 hour - 4% depth level2 hours - 6% depth level3 hours - 9% depth level4 hours - 12% depth level5 hours - 14% depth level

    • Do not wait more than 5 hours to rinse for our Rapid Solution

    • *The Rapid solution is a rapid rinse time - the full development of your color can take up to 24 hours

  • Avoid swimming, exercising, sweating & wearing tight clothing until your first shower. Do not put on jewelry until full development of color (24 hours after your appt.)

    • Avoid shaving, exfoliating​, using bar soaps & soaps that contain oils & parabens

    • Use our spray tan safe Body Wash to protect your tan & skin in the shower

  • Avoid touching your skin post spray tan appointment & before your first rinse - the cosmetic bronzer that is on your skin from the spray tan can likely transfer to your hands - this is how your hands/fingers become brown! If you do touch the skin, wash with soap & water (it may be easier to use a paper towel to clean & dry your palms/fingers only).

  • MOISTURIZING using a spray tan safe lotion everyday is the best thing you can do for your spray tan - it keeps your skin hydrated which is ket for a long lasting tan! We recommend using Tantucket's Body Renew Daily Moisturizer & our Tan Extend Lotion:

    • Start moisturizing 24 hours after your spray tan appointment to allow for the tan to reach it's full development

    • Use our Body Renew Daily Moisturizer in the AM & Tan Extend Lotion in the PM - please wait until full development of your spray tan, (at least 24 hours post appt.) to use our Tan Extend Lotion

Tip: Every person’s skin is different so be aware that some people will get sprayed, shower then the color will not appear until they wake up the next day. Lack of color happens because the DHA is still active for up to 24 hours & everyone maturates differently.​ Color & color development can also depend on the person's pH levels, if they are on their period, taking medication, or are DHA resistant.


Do not moisturizer or use deodorants until 24 hours after appointment! 

First Rinse Post Spray Tan

Rinse off your body using lukewarm water only - do not shave, use soap, shampoo, conditioner, or a loofah.

Use your hands to help rinse off the bronzer - you will see a color wash off - this is normal & is just the bronzer from your spray tan. Pat yourself dry using a towel.

Spray Tan Tips

Tips for best results & a longer lasting tan - scroll down for tips on what NOT to wear after your appointment


Book all other beauty appts. before your spray tan - TIP: if you have a mani. or pedi. scheduled after your spray tan appt., opt. for not soaking your hands/legs in the water to avoid loosing color.


Avoid touching your skin post spray tan & before your first rinse - if you accidentally touched / notice a mark on your skin, don’t worry - the first rinse will likely rinse away small imperfections!


Shave 24 hours before appt. using a new razor & rinse with cold water (do not shower with hot water before your appt.). A new razor & rinsing with cold water helps to prevent the itchy feeling / 'speckled legs' after shaving.


DO NOT use ANY products or deodorants on your skin for the first 24 hours after application (this includes purchases Tantucket products) - your tan continues to develop during this time. Wait 24 hours after your appt. to use products.


Avoid swimming, saunas, taking long hot showers/baths & exfoliating for a long lasting tan.

What NOT to Wear after your Appointment

Tips for what not to wear post spray tan & before your first rinse


Do NOT change into tight clothing after your tan. This includes leggings, tights, tight dresses, biker shorts, skin tight tops/tank tops, socks, or bras to ensure the newly applied tan does not leave imprinted lines or marks


Do NOT wear light clothing after your appointment.

We recommend a long & dark colored sleeve shirt & loose pants or a soft bathrobe- no jewelry, socks or watches. 

Avoid white & tight clothes post spray tan!


If you are sleeping in your spray tan before your first rinse & rinsing in the morning, we recommend wearing loose & long, dark colored pants and a loose, long sleeve shirt. This creates a barrier between your new spray tan & your sheets AND helps to prevent color transfer from your skin to your sheets. 


NOTE: Tanning solution washes out of most of materials & sheets in the wash. Clothing materials that contain natural fiber materials & light fabrics like wool, silk & chiffon may be more likely for spray tan solutions to leave marks on.


Please know your tan continues to develop within the first 24 hours, so be careful with wearing watches, socks or very tight clothing. After 24 hours & another rinse to ensure all extra bronzer is off your skin, you are good to go!

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