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Our Nantucket & Boston locations are At-Home Services only.

Our Scituate & Dorchester locations are In-Studio Services.

Please note: The last day to book at the Scituate studio is April 20th, 2024

We are offering at-home spray tan appointments on the South Shore from April 5th through April 20th, 2024.

Services: Services

Regular Solution

This Regular solution is a glowing, long-lasting & natural color that you can rinse off anytime between 8-14 hours after application. The longer this solution is left on, the more the color will develop & the darker it will be. Do not wait more than 20 hours to take your first rinse post spray tan.

Each color, Light, Medium & Dark, allows a range of skin tones to take advantage of it's color by curating your perfect color & it's hydrating, natural looking formula. Choose your color, or mix colors to create your perfect shade.


Best For:

Those who are looking for a specific depth of color

- Best option for those with fair skin & want a sun-kissed look

- Aloe Vera Based Solution: For Ultimate Hydration


Rapid Solution

This solution is a ‘quick tan’ that has a 2-5 hour processing time before your first rinse. This rapid solution is a one color, quick drying formula & works with all skin tones. The full development of color can take up to 24 hours post spray tan.

  • Rapid's Color Depth Based on Time left on Prior to Showering:​

    • 2 hours - 6% depth level

    • 3 hours - 9% depth level

    • 4 hours - 12% depth level

    • 5 hours - 14% depth level

Do not wait more than 5 hours to take your first rinse post spray tan. This solution is the best choice when wanting to rinse quicke.

Best For:

Those who prefer to rinse quicker / are on-the-go

- Rapid rinse time NOT a rapid develop time

- Alcohol Based Solution: Quick Drying

Current Specials

Tantucket Tuesday's! $50 Full Body Spray Tans every Tuesday at our studio location in Dorchester - write 'Tantucket Tuesday' in the Appointment Notes on your booking form to claim offer.

Get Tan & Tag Us! Get a spray tan with us (recent or past), tag us (@tantucket) on social (Instagram or Facebook) on a story or post & automatically be entered in our monthly raffle! At the end of each month, we randomly draw a name to win $20 off your next Full Body Spray Tan win us! Available for all locations.

Spray Tan Options

All Spray Tans Include . . .


Skin Primer Spray

to help prep the skin &

balance pH levels

Barrier Cream

for hands, nails, & feet


Disposable Undergarments

Strapless Bra & Underwear


Hair Nets

to protect hair from

solution spray


Choice of Solution

Regular (Light, Medium or Dark - or mix colors) or Rapid (one color solution)



Selection of additives to elevate & personalize tan - additives start at $5/each - explore additives below!


Finishing Powder

To help set & dry the tan + prevent the 'sticky' feeling


Drying Time

We help to dry your tan post application & before we apply powder 


100% Paraben Free


Vegan Solutions

including erythrulose, fragrance free & contains a naturally derived DHA

Please let us know if you have allergies to fragrance, DHA (the main active ingredient in spray tan solutions), or anything you know you are allergic/sensitive to that could cause a reaction to your skin from spray tanning. A full list of ingredients & FDA recommendations can be found on the 'Resources' page under the 'About' Tab on our website. We recommend consulting with your doctor prior to booking your appointment if you are pregnant, or if you have underlying illnesses, skin, or lung problems with concerns regarding sunless tanning. Please note: everyone's skin is different & DHA/spray tanning solutions can react to skin differently based on skin type, circumstances based on one's health, medications taken, time of the month, change of seasons, diet, daily products used, and prep. & aftercare of the spray tan.



to elevate, customize & personalize your spray tan

Add to Service at time of Booking or at your Appointment

DHA Bronzing


Perfect for those wanting an extra boost of color, or to enhance their solution!

DHA is the #1 active ingredient in spray tan solutions & is the ingredient that interacts with your amino acids that gives you the color after application. These pre-blended drops will add an extra bronzing effect to your tan, giving you a deeper & darker sunless glow.

These drops are added into your spray tan solution at time of appointment to customize & personalize your sunless experience.

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